Michael Alexander, Ph.D.

We are all good at making problems complicated. Free Range thinking can make you good at making problems simple.

For more than 25 years, Michael Alexander has been helping to solve problems using the Free Range Thinking techniques he used as an expert witness to successfully explain energy economics for leading edge companies. They have formed the foundation of his work as a speaker, teacher and professional witness coach through hundreds of speeches that both educate and entertain.

His clients include inventors, development teams, expert witnesses, teachers, managers, and even parents, who have benefited from his talks and private coaching sessions.

What is Free Range Thinking?

Free range Thinking is a method of going from "problem" to solution quickly and easily. While most people are trained in how to solve problems, free range thinking trains people to see solutions. The difference is startling.

The premise of Michael's work is that while most people believe that for the best results, one must think "outside the box." Sometimes, of course, the solution is actually already in the box. Michael is able to work through the problem inside and outside the box and apply his free-range no-nonsense approach to any situation. He can simplify and explain the most complex subjects to audiences whose knowledge runs from little to expertise. His free-range thinking approach is the foundation for solving problems.

Free Range Thinking combines lateral thinking (to get one thinking "free from the box") with the intelligent use of analogies and generalizations (to permit one to "see the forest for the trees"), and the same unrelenting techniques of comedians and small children (to learn to focus and enjoy the challenge).

In addition to its usefulness in problem solving, Free Range Thinking is also a very valuable tool in explaining complex subjects to laymen (and in understanding them yourself.) Dr. Michael Alexander has used Free Range Thinking for years in his very successful career as a professional witness, where building credibility means making complex mathematical or economic subjects clear to the common man. The same techniques can be used for witnesses training for economics, patents suits, divorce cases, liability, art forgery, medical, and virtually every other legal case involving experts, as well as explaining complex problems to one's boss, or to one's students, or even to one's own children. Whether you are dealing with technical issues or personal ones, whether you are dealing with politics or just small children, the use of Michael Alexander's Free Range Thinking techniques are useful both in the working world and at home and can make your challenges easier and less painful, or even more fun.

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