Michael Alexander, Ph.D.

Survive and Thrive on the Witness Stand

A 15 Step Guide

People can wind up on the witness stand for a variety of reasons, from criminal cases to divorce. This book will help the witness understand and be more comfortable with the process, relieve the anxiety and fear, and be more likely to succeed. 

While lawyers can give good advice and you should work with your lawyer, the author of this book has actual sat in the witness chair.  In this book, he shares that perspective, telling you things that your lawyer may not.  And, of course, going beyond the conventional wisdom that your friends might have to share.

This book will help the new witness understand the process and know what it is that they have to do to increase their chances of a favorable verdict. Understanding the process will also take away the anxiety that comes from fear of the unknown.

If you want to survive as a witness, you should read this book.  If you want to thrive as a witness, you should read this book.

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